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Total Solution to Digitizing Legacy Data

Complete Solution

We provide an end-to-end solution in transforming your seismic and well data into accessible assets. We accept all forms of legacy data and convert the assets into modern media, so you can make the most out of your information. Once digitized, we manage the content to ensure the complex data is quality controlled and readily available for our clients.

Legacy Data

Legacy data is all information that is “inactive” – data that is stored in physical or electronic format and is not currently understood, used or managed. This includes tremendous volumes of data accumalated in files and data stores originally saved for specific reasons – disaster recovery, business needs, retention and preservation processes – that has since outlived its value.

– definition from CGOC The Council


Seismic survey is one of the most essential components of successful oil and gas exploration. Data gathered through seismic survey allows geoscientists to visualize the subsurface of the earth using waves of sound to “map” geologic structures. This data helps to determine the location of oil and gas reservoirs.